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Raw, 100% grass fed cheese made on the farm? It gets no better than that. Real, raw, old fashioned cheese not only tastes delightful & authentic, it's actually the only cheese a person should consume. No chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, coloring agents, non-sticking powders, etc. Just healthy cows on pure pastures being milked in a clean, inspected barn on a small family farm, then made into cheese by hand. That's our standard of cheese as nature intended!

  • All cheeses are A2A2 except sharp cheddar

Both salted and unsalted versions of each flavor available. Made with veal rennet & celtic sea salt (minus the salt for the unsalted cheese of course). Note: Salted cheese has more flavor than unsalted. Unsalted cheese is mostly intended for those looking for a low sodium option. 

*10 mg of sodium per ounce of unsalted cheese

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