Non-Aged Meats

Histamine levels in meat can be elevated through high stress levels just prior to slaughter, grinding/added processing, and aging. Essentially all other meat on the market today is harvested in a modern slaughterhouse environment where animals are stressed, their meat is then aged (either intentionally or simply as a result of sluggish supply chains), and/or highly processed. Poor cold-chain management (meat becomes warm, accelerating bacterial activity) can also be a major contributor to elevated histamine levels. Low or no-stress harvest and shorter times from harvest to freezer eliminate opportunities for prolonged bacterial activity.

We’ve put together a curated collection of non-aged, cut & frozen-same-day meats for your peace of mind and ease of shopping!

Our Non-Aged Meats Collection is Always:

  • Zero-Stress Field Harvested
  • Whole Muscle Meats Only
  • Cut and Frozen Single-Layer within 60 minutes of carcass break down.
    **Salmon is held in an ice water bath @ -2 C while on the boat and delivered to the processing boat, then filleted, deboned, & packaged within 60 minutes.

**Note: This is not medical advice nor any guarantee of certain histamine levels in Northstar Bison meat products. Our practices are intended to reduce histamine levels but Northstar Bison can in no way guarantee your personal experience.

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