Bison Ground Brisket | Subscription

Product image 1Bison Ground Brisket  |  Subscription
Product image 2Bison Ground Brisket  |  Subscription
Product image 3Bison Ground Brisket  |  Subscription

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At about 15% grass fed bison fat content, it doesn't get any more delicious, satiating or energizing than our Ground Bison Brisket. 100% grass fed fats feed your brain like nothing else can and easily convert into highly usable and efficient fuel for our bodies. Our bodies simply crave Omega 3s and CLA which are found in high amounts in 100% grass fed animal fats. We grind in small batches as to not overheat nor do we add any flavor enhancers, colorings or preserving agents. It's just pure, 100% Grass Fed Bison Brisket.

  • 85% Lean
  • 1 lb package
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