Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate | Subscription

Product image 1Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate  |  Subscription
Product image 2Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate  |  Subscription

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Broth is the best thing you can consume to remedy common ailments such as leaky gut, joint pain & food sensitivities. Each kettle of meaty soy-free chicken necks, cartilage-rich chicken carcasses & reverse osmosis water is simmered for 18 hours and produces a nourishing batch of thick, concentrated broth, bottled and frozen in glass Mason jars. Boost your immune system with the healing power of our Soy-Free Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate! 2X the bones + 1/2 the water = the most deeply nourishing bone broth.
  • Comes in a Pint jar.
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