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Bison Testicle Blend (Testosterone)

Welcome to Food As Medicine!

Battling low levels of testosterone? Or just desiring a little natural T boost?? 

Hormone support has never been easier or more natural and our new, revolutionary Bison "Testosterone Blend" is comprised of muscle meat + testicle. Testicle Blend is the easiest, most palatable, most natural way to incorporate the powerful impacts of bison testicle into your diet one small, steady, 100% natural "drip" at a time. Restore or enhance your overall performance, stamina, mental clarity, vibrancy, & vitality how nature intended.

Pour a dash of our Bison Bone Broth Concentrate in while cooking and you're consuming deeply nourishing in every bite. 

Consume Consciously; As Nature Intended.

Bison Testicle Blend Ingredients:
Bison Muscle Meat (98%), Bison Testicle (2%)

  • Ingredient Ratios are Whole-Animal Balanced
  • Deeply Nourishing Protein
  • Use as ground meat substitute
  • 92% Lean
  • 1 lb package
  • Save on Bonus Pack 24 lb @ 1 lb (Plus Free Shipping!)


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