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The harvester and processor play crucial roles.

We realized early on that if we were going to deeply nourish people the way nature intended, we’d need to have full control over every decision as it relates to the life, death, and honorable utilization of that animal. In 2005, we purchased our first processing facility. The way an animal is harvested is something we take very seriously. How the animal is processed and the lengths we are able to go to in utilizing every part of every animal is unmatched. The following is a list of decisions we get to make because, in addition to being the rancher, we also harvest and process our animals.

>>  We havefull controlon when animals are harvested based on each individual animal’s natural progression of maturity.

>>  We havefull controlonhow the animal is harvested which allows us to continue to use ourField Harvest.

>> We havefull controlon what gets harvested from each animal. "A good butcher does not waste." Most slaughter facilities focus almost solely on speed and efficiency. OurHide to Heartis a great example of our commitment to utilizing every single part of the animal.

>>  We havefull controlonhow each carcass is handled and the attention to detail it receives. How cleanly it’s trimmed, the chemicals and washes we won't use, how quickly it’s cooled, etc.

>>  We havefull controlonthe standard of cleanliness of our facilities. We are always pushing ourselves to improve our food safety standards, often even beyond what inspection requires of us. We have food safety inspectors on site every single day.

>>  We havefull controlon when & how we cut each carcass based on the demands and expectations of our customers combined with the depth of knowledge and experience we have in artisan butchery and meat science. Our Fresh Custom Cut  option is something we can offer that most others simply cannot. We literally cut, package, ship one day and it's at your door within 24 hours. That's unheard of.

>>  We havefull controlon the quality of our packaging. We are relentless in this area. If you have positive or negative feedback on our packaging, we want to hear it! We're constantly looking to improve.

>> We havefull control onwhat types of oils and cleaning agents that are used. We are very careful not to use any corn-based food-grade oils to potentially contaminate meat.

>>  We havefull controlonhowour sausage and ground products are made to eliminate chemical preservatives and limit allergens. Simple. No chemicals, no gasses, no coloring. Ground meat and sausages in their purest, most natural form.

We believe we (as humans) are called to be stewards of land and animals. Stewardship is a privilege and it is our opportunity to raise animals with dignity, honor, and respect but that same stewardship must carry through the entire harvest of that animal. To be irresponsible with what we've been entrusted with is a disgrace to that animal's contribution to life.

Wikipedia says; "Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment and nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, etc."


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