Our Shipping Goal

Our goal is to not only satisfy your expectations but exceed them through speed of service, quality of product, and the condition in which it arrives.

Orders placed before 9 AM CST will ship same day if the chosen shipping method allows.

If you have an issue with a delivery, let us know! We want you to be happy, happy, happy with your order.

**Fresh Custom-Cut ships Tuesdays & Wednesdays Only.

To date, we've shipped over a quarter million individual, perishable packages. We like to think we've pretty much seen it all! Our experience allows us to safely deliver the freshest meat at the best price for the value. Our goal is to ship our product to you so that it arrives safely with its fullest nutrition and flavor.

Our shipping rates are the best in the industry. You can trust your order to be packed with extra care and attention to protect the meat for the journey to your address. Since we process the meat on a weekly basis, you can expect the freshest meat. Whatever is not shipped fresh, unfrozen, is quick frozen for preservation until it arrives at your intended location.

**Currently, we ship to USA addresses ONLY due to inconsistent international customs regulations**

99.9% of our packages are delivered successfully but if you find yourself in the .01% where things go wrong,
click here to see What Now?!

Our Shipping Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will issue a credit, refund or replacement of the product that you are dissatisfied with (your choice)!

To assure that your order arrives properly frozen, you will never receive your order on Sunday or Monday.

**FRESH product ships on Tuesday or Wednesdays every other week. Call to confirm the date of estimated arrival if you have a particular event that you desire the product for. We aim to please and will do our best to accommodate your needs. Always choose "Next Day delivery" for fresh/never frozen meat products to guarantee the best condition upon delivery.

***If you need to have a delivery made for Saturday arrival, you must call by 3 pm on Thursday to assure the arrangement. Call 715-458-4300 to set up special needs. We are here to help!!

Shipping Rates & Transit Times

Please Note; the shipping method chosen does not necessarily determine when the order will ship.

EG: 2-Day shipping means 2-Days in transit, not necessarily that you'll receive your package 2 days from your order date.

Shipping perishable products requires avoiding transit delays like weekends and holidays. Your order will ship as soon as the transit time allows, which could be same day or the following Monday depending on the order date.

EG: An order placed on Thursday with a 2-Day shipping method selected, will ship the following Monday. Any questions regarding shipping methods and transit times, please shoot us a quick message so we can make sure we meet your expectations!

Shipping Options: (USA only)

    • Orders under $99: $20.95
    • Orders over $99 but under $250: $15.95 
    • Orders $250+: FREE!
  • 2 DAY: $25.95 per Container. Monday & Tuesday (Max container weight of 70 lbs)
  • NEXT DAY: $35.95 per Container. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (Max container weight of 70 lbs)
  • SATURDAY DELIVERY: $75.00 per Container (Max container weight of 70 lbs) Shipped Friday for Saturday arrival, you must call by 3 pm on Thursday to assure the arrangement. Call 715-458-4300 to set up special needs.
  • HAWAII & ALASKA SHIPPING: 2-Day: $51.90  or  Next Day: $61.90 per Container (Max container weight of 70 lbs)

To see when your package may arrive, please see the transit time map and corresponding shipping dates we use below.

Transit Time Map: (USA only)

  • 1 Day (hot pink) Ships on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the following areas: WI, MN, & Upper MI
  • 2 Day (turquoise blue) Ships on Monday or Tuesday for the following areas: IA, MO, AR, IL, IN, MI, OH, KS, WV, MT, ND, SD, TN, KY, East 1/2 of NE & CO, North 1/2 of MS & AL, Western 1/3 of PA
  • 3 Day (orange) Ships on Monday only for the following areas: TX, OK, AL, GA, FL, NC, TN, SC, KY, CO, VA, PA, LA, ME, VT, NH, NJ, MA, RI, CT, DE, VA, DE, DC, MD, Southern ID & WY, Eastern 2/3 of NM.

Our 100% Recyclable Shipping Coolers

Our shipping containers are 100% recyclable!

There are likely recycling options for our cooler panels near you. is an excellent resource for finding the nearest recycling center.

Recycling Number Legend:

Want to reuse your cooler panels instead? Here are some neat ideas!

  • Ottoman: Yep! For your living-room or outdoor living space. And they can turn out looking wonderful! And talk about a great conversation piece... Here's the link to get you on your way to building your own: Recycled Foam Ottoman 
  • Grocery Cooler: Your shipping cooler is good for a lot more than a one-time-delivery. Consider putting it in the back of your car for a lightweight grocery cooler for the drive home.
  • General Insulation: Ideal for a dog house, tree house, garage, keeping pipes from freezing, etc. These panels are built to hold temps for long periods!
  • Theater Stage Props: Foam panels are perfect for cutting & building stage props for the children's play or your local fine arts theater.
  • Painting Palette/Art Base: Foam panels can make the perfect, rigid painting palette or art base to keep the mess to a minimum, especially with kiddos. Push holes along one end to hold your bushes upright and use the center portion for your paints.
  • Drying Board: Once washed, a foam cooler panel can be perfect for drying seeds, nuts, fruit, etc. Lay a paper towel down first. The foam insulation panel is built to retard condensation and moisture, making it ideal for a drying base.
  • Moving Pads: Moving? Know someone who is? Foam panels are the perfect pads to keep your furniture and other items safe in transport!
  • Packing Peanuts/Insulation Cubes: Break up your panels and use them for box filler/insulation. Works wonderful!

Have another great way to reuse your foam panels? Shoot me a message at and we'll share it!

How We'll Pack Your Order

  • All perishable product is packed in insulated coolers with liners to prevent any leaking from condensation.
  • Dry ice or gel packs are added to maintain necessary temperatures to keep product either fresh or frozen as desired until it arrives at your door.
  • REMINDER: Fresh and frozen product combination orders can't be guaranteed of arrival condition; ie, frozen may start to thaw and fresh may start to freeze.  We do our best to reduce the risk but both have the potential to be frozen or refrigerated upon arrival. 
  • FRESH orders are required to be shipped by NEXT DAY DELIVERY METHOD
  • FRESH orders placed by Tuesday at noon can be shipped on Wednesday.

If you need a price quote before your order is shipped, either call or indicate that on your order in the "comment" section. We would love to answer any questions you have so feel free to reach out to us at

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are shipped on a first come - first served basis.  FedEx Ground cannot specify a time frame of when they can deliver but they state the package should get there anytime between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. If shipping to a business please state your hours of operation Monday thru Friday. If you are ordering and must choose 3 Day Shipping, please try to order the week prior because if you order after Monday Noon CST, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, your order will not ship until the next following Monday.

How We Ship

  • We only use shipping methods which are capable of getting your perishable product to you in 3 days or less to assure that your order arrives frozen. We also pack extra ice and always ship with an extra "insurance day" before the weekend to ensure if something does go wrong and the package is delayed, it is still delivered in excellent condition.

When We Ship

We make every effort to ship your product as soon as possible. However, in order to ensure the freshest product, we operate on a "just in time" inventory system. This means that some of our products may be momentarily unavailable and your shipment may be delayed, in which case, we will reach out to let you know your order status.

Again, prompt service is a top priority along with our superior quality products and will attempt to ship orders placed before noon the same day if the chosen shipping method will deliver the package safely before the weekend.

Keeping Shipping Costs Low

  • Due to Northstar Bison's high shipping volumes, we have negotiated reduced shipping rates from our shipping service providers and pass these savings on to you.
  • Please note that your shipping cost per pound will always be lower (Over $250 would be Free of course!) if you order more product.

Northstar Bison Store Locations:

1) Pickup Location for products Monday thru Friday 8 til 4 pm & Saturdays by Appointment.  

        The Northstar Bison Store is located at:
        222 Birch Ave
        Cameron, WI 54822

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