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Hide to Heart

The taking of an animal’s life is something significant, something we never want to minimize or dodge responsibility of. Acknowledging that an animal gave it’s life so that we may continue to live is appropriate.    


We harvest and utilize each and every part possible so as to honor and dignify the animal as well as nourish our bodies and our pets.


Our field harvest process swiftly renders the animal unconscious.

But ourHide to Heart thought process takes dignity a step deeper.

100% of every available part of every animal is utilized.

The list below will give you a better understanding of whatHide to Heartactually means and it’s level of significance here at Northstar. Because we do our own processing, we have full control over what gets harvested (Everything. Most places aren’t willing to save many parts of the animal due to time efficiencies.) as well as the amount of care and cleanliness those parts are harvested with.

Hide: Leather products (purses, belts, wallets, shoes), Dog Chews, Rugs, Blankets

Skull & Horns: Taxidermy, Home Decor

Teeth: Souvenirs, Conversation Pieces

Bones: Bone Broth, Raw and Smoked Dog Chews, Pet Food, Bone Marrow  

Tendons: Bone Broth, Dog Chews

Meat: Retail Steaks, Roasts, Grinds, Sausages, Jerky and Pet Blends

Tongue: Retail

Spleen:Retail, Pet Food ingredient

Pancreas: Retail

Adrenal Glands: Retail

Thymus: Retail

Bull Fries(Testicles): Retail

Pizzle (Penis): Smoked Bully Sticks (Pet Chews)

Tripe & Esophagus (Stomach): Pet Food

Stomach Contents: Composted

Lungs: Pet Food

Trachea (Wind Pipe): Pet Food

Fat: Retail

Tail: Retail

Blood: Retail, Composted for fertilizer (high in nitrogen)

Caul Fat(Stomach Lining): Retail

Liver: Retail, Pet Food ingredient

Kidneys: Retail, Pet Food ingredient

Heart: Retail, Pet Food ingredient



Hide to Heart maximizes the animal to it’s fullest extent, ensuring the animal’s entire bounty reaches as far as possible, blessing as many as possible.

And that nothing goes to waste.

I challenge you to consider adding something unique to your next order.

A balanced consumer is a conscious consumer.

Plus, you may find something you never knew your body needed.