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Regeneration Nation.

Our Regeneration Nation section is our Hall of Fame, our heroes in the trenches, fighting to make our planet a better place to live. This list is heavy hitting and we hope you'll take the time to get to know each if you don't already. The product they sell is the Greater Good of Humanity. Follow them, share their content, learn from them, show them love. They deserve it. As humans, we're in this world together, and together, we'll make it a better place for future generations.

Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Zach Bush is a fascinating triple board certified physician with an amazing life journey that has led him to this unintended place of great understanding, recognition of grim cause and effect, peace, and hope. Dr. Zach's research in Virginia has closed the loop on Glyphosate, GMO's, Cancer, Gut and Brain Health. Those are the catastrophic unintended consequences. Contrasting the human health crisis we are just beginning to feel the weight of, is his immense hope found in Regenerative Agriculture. Once again creating food the way nature intended.

Dive into the vast world of Dr. Zach and be informed, yet encouraged. We have great power to create a world that we, and future generations, want to live in. 

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Cedar Creek is a special place. Consisting of over 5000 acres of habitat, all with one goal: restoration. We are passionate about old-world habitat restoration and Cedar Creek is a spectacle. Savanna, particularly oak savanna, is one of the most valuable habitat types on planet earth. It is also the most endangered habitat type in the world with merely .01% of it's original habitat remaining. Cedar Creek is home to the largest contiguous oak savanna remaining in the state of Minnesota but, over the past 45+ years, they haven't seen the results they'd been hoping to. We've recently joined up with Cedar Creek to introduce bison to their savannas in an attempt to recreate the grazing, fire, & rest cycles that originally created and maintained the savannas for centuries. We're excited to watch as the bison were restored to their native range, how they will help restore this park-like landscape that is so beneficial to an incredible amount of wildlife species!

Click to see more photos and read more about Cedar Creek and their fight to save our precious Oak Savannas.

Modern Huntsman

As times change, so do cultures. Hunting and Ranching practices have been demonized over the past couple of decades and, quite honestly, for good reason. One doesn't have to go far to find plenty of photos of a "blood thirsty" trophy hunters holding his prize or a sully feedlot scarring the Great Plains to substantiate one's case. However, hunting and ranching are practices as old as time. The deed isn't sinful, rather, how it's done. Modern Huntsman is a tribe of passionate folks with the aim of restoring the foundational principles of hunting, fishing, gathering, & ranching in our modern culture; A life of sustenance in concert with the landscape, not in Lordship over it.

We're big fans and we think you should be too. Click to learn more about Modern Huntsman or to order one of their gorgeous, conversation-provoking, coffee table books.

Farmer's Footprint

Today's farmers carry the highest suicide rate of any single profession in the world. Farming and Ranching are far more than jobs, it's a lifestyle, often multi-generational lifestyles. The weight of letting down prior and future generations of family farmers coupled with burying their own deep passion for working the land is a crippling load to bear. Most small farmers are caught in the vicious cycle of simply living to pay debts to seed and chemical companies. Farmer's Footprint is a bridge to a better way. Farmer's Footprint's goal is to come alongside and educate farmers who subsequently then become self-sustaining through regenerative ag practices which generates financial freedom and hope.

Click to learn more and watch the Farmer's Footprint film.

Savory Institute

Allan Savory, founder of the Savory Institute, is the proverbial Godfather of Regenerative Grazing. Allan has nothing more, and nothing less, to gain than anyone, he simply desires to live in a world filled with peace and harmony. Nature desires the same and we can compliment one another if we're willing to see through the eyes of people like Allan.

Savory Institute is now on a world-wide mission to teach and study the marvelous effects of nature-intended, regenerative practices to revive degraded landscapes. Degraded landscapes lead to degraded communities and then civil unrest. Savory Institute is doing incredible work on a massive scale that impacts thousands of communities, millions of people, and they need our support. Enrich your mind, like, share, and cheer them on.

Click to learn more about the impact Savory Institute is having.

Belwin Nature Conservancy

Belwin Nature Conservancy is a beacon of light and deserves our deepest gratitude for their courage and pioneering. You see, a little over 15 years ago, long before it was popular, Belwin partnered with us to bring bison back to their Minnesota prairie to help restore and maintain it. Using only fire and rest, they were losing the battle to meet their goal of more beneficial forbs on the landscape. Forbs are critical for pollinators and, as we well know, pollinators are nearing crisis. Belwin's prairie since introducing the bison have flourished greater than anyone had anticipated and, in harmonious fashion, so do the bison. This story is both fascinating and exciting, however, the real success story is being written today. Belwin's courage to step out in the face of scrutiny and "ruin" their untouchable, pristine native habitat with a bunch on hairy, wild beasts, has since created a wave of interest amongst other public organizations trying to accomplish their own native habitat goals. Several more locations have reached out to us and are now beginning the process to experience their own success story. Experiencing a peaceful, soul-filling place like Belwin provides a glimpse into the true value of what we've momentarily lost.

Click to learn more about the work of Belwin Nature Conservancy and their annual, interactive events.

Kiss the Ground

Do it.

The soil is the foundation of every form of life on this planet. The soil is a thing of beauty and we, like Kiss the Ground, should guard it with our lives.

The tribe at Kiss the Ground is a Regeneration Nation hero of ours that produces the most comprehensive tools to help us, as consumers, understand the world around us, how it all works, and the choices we have in our everyday lives that make a significant impact on the health of our soils and everything that stems from it.

Watch videos. Sign up for a class. Join the Kiss the Ground tribe.


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