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Aging is wonderful... so long as it's done right.

Our aging process is a critical aspect in creating steaks with such rich flavor and smooth, consistent tenderness. When you buy a steak, you expect a steak, not an excuse. Not every animal naturally produces a high quality, tender, flavorful steak. As butchers, we are extremely selective about the cuts we "pass" as steak quality and go to great lengths to ensure they are an eating experience we’re proud to put our name on. The quality of life the animal lived is a critical component, and so is the harvest, as well as the art and science of butchery. Everything up to this point has been performed flawlessly... now it's time to "frost the cake".

Nature has a way of accomplishing a great steak eating experience...

"You are what you eat. (and the way you live.)" applies to our food as well.

Our “grass-fattening” ranching style allows our animals to graze and associate as a herd in a completely natural, low-stress environment while having access to vast amounts of diverse, high quality, native "Frosting Forages", as we like to call them. Our cool season grasses and legumes create a profile of unmatched flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

Stress creates tension in the animal's body, releasing cortisol into the blood stream, toughening the fibers of the meat and tainting it's flavor. Our Zero-Stress Field Harvest process provides a very deserving, respectful, honorable, graceful, stress-free harvest in the pasture as they have lived their whole life while preserving all tenderness and flavor that animal's meat naturally provides.

Breaking the carcass down in a way that maximizes every part while carefully selecting which loins to save for steaks is certainly a critical part of the process.In addition to conscientious and skillful butchery, our rigid, 21 day, completely natural, temperature-controlled aging process slowly and naturally breaks down the muscle fibers to "relax" the meat to turn a great steak into an amazing steak.

Once aged, steaks are cut with precision for even and consistent cooking.


Nature is Incredible. All the components of our ranching, harvesting, and butchery are here to make high quality dining experiences without feeding grains or introducing unnatural tenderizers to the meat. We simply need to be students of nature and steward these aspects to let mother nature do what she does.

Enjoy your next Northstar Steak experience.

**Please note:If you have known histamine sensitivities, either order fresh, custom-cut steaks or stick to the ground, roast, or sausage products. Aging increases bacterial activity and creates a natural histamine concentration which can cause reactions for people with rare cases of low histamine tolerances. This is not intended to be alarming but rather a kind note to help those of you who have histamine intolerance to stay on top of your game and loving life! We absolutely care about your well-being.


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