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Chicken Bone Broth | Pasture Raised, Soy-Free, Corn-Free

Our Chicken Bone Broth is made from the simplest of ingredients, slow cooked for a full 72 hours, made with half the amount of water, and double the amount of bones. The result is bone broth like you won't find anywhere else. The broth cooking process concentrates the properties of the bones. If the bones are from chickens on an unhealthy diet, your bone broth will simply be a concentration of that. Our chickens are always organically pasture raised on a small family farms, 100% soy-free, 100% corn-free, 100% Non-GMO, and humanely harvested. It's chicken; as nature intended.
Regeneratively Raised | Humanely Harvested | Soy & Corn Free | Non-GMO