Open Gate Certified

What does Open Gate Certified mean?

In short, Open Gate Certified means we are an open book to you, our customer, and ultimate critic. YOU are the ultimate "test" to pass. We take immense pride in how we raise, harvest, and process every species or product we have chosen to offer.

As we sat around the table this last year and discussed which thrid party verifications were most meaningful, we struggled. Like really struggled. We couldn't find a single one that wasn't a dumbed down version or, in some cases, a diversion, to what our internal standards and goals are. Third party verifications are also expensive and significantly increase product cost. We have always been passionate about face to face relationship with you, our customer, in order to know your needs and provide the highest quality at the best price possible.
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Our mission is to deeply nourish.

Deeply nourishing for us is a holistic, 3 dimensional goal.

  • Producing the most deeply nourishing products requires animals that are deeply nourished; raised in their native habitat, consuming foods they were intended to eat.
  • To raise deeply nourished animals requires deeply nourished soils. The most deeply nourished soils are those interacting sybiotically with animals year round.
  • Once raised, an animal must be harvested and processed with utmost respect, intentionality, and cleanliness to preserve and be a good steward of all the highest qualities that have been nurtured into existance.

This kind of harmonious give and take relationship with our food and the environment it lives in creates a special and unique connection we believe we, as human beings, were all created to crave uniquely to any other species on planet earth. Spiritual and Emotional nourishment are also significant contributors to holistic wellness and we believe food, the life our food lives, and the life we live in relationship with our food, cannot be decoupled from either of those. In order to be truly whole as we were intended to be, we must live responsibly, and with clear conscience.

If you're ever near, stop in or book a tour on one of our special Ranch Days. We'd love nothing more than to meet you and let you experience what Open Gate Certified truly means.

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