Whether we're checking pastures, fixing fence, or eating lunch in the field (or all of the above), we're thinking about you.

So without further ado, this is straight from "US2U".  

We decided on day one that we wanted to be as close to you, the consumer, as possible.

And we've got a few reasons for that...

#1: We Want to Know You!

Not in a creepy way but in a helpful way. We’re a family company and believe that relationships are more important than anything else in this life. We want to serve you, encourage you, fight with you, pray for you, and make this earth a better place with you.

#2: We're Possessive.  

We don’t want to leave your food, or your day in someone else’s hands.

Excellence & safety + a ray of sunshine.  

#3: We're Rogue.  

The main stream often means average. Average in modern agriculture means little risk but little reward. It's also fitting into someone else's box. Taking the risk of “going out on your own” is scary. You own 100% of the responsibility. If someone gets sick, you lose. Someone dislikes your product, you get trashed. You make a mistake, you die.

But, the beauty is that same risk buys us freedom.

The freedom to raise our animals how nature intended them to be. To raise them to the highest standard possible without having to fit inside someone else’s “price-point-box”. You get the best quality at the best price.

Middle-Man Markups

#4: No Telephone.

When there are multiple layers between you and the farmer, it's easy for information to get lost in translation, misunderstood, mixed up, omitted, twisted, etc. Just like the telephone game. And the meat guy behind the counter doesn't have the farmer's phone number to get a straight answer. Buying direct provides a very transparent, real relationship, and the truth straight from the horses mouth. We'd even love to have you come visit the ranch! Sharing a connection with the land and animals with you is fulfilling for us.

#5: You save Time & Money.

Shopping from home clearly saves you time. But buying direct also saves you money? Yep. The grocery system is an easy way for a company to grow fast... so why aren't we in the grocery stores? Because grocery stores can't add their markup to our product and not have it be extremely expensive. We don't fit in the grocery store model well. Much the same as other brands you may be familiar with that only sell direct. They don't fit in the typical, main stream model well either.

#6: Less Carbon Footprint.

Shopping from your desk, clicking "buy" from your kitchen counter, and having your food delivered to your door seems lazy and wasteful. It isn't! It's smart. Believe it or not, the shipping world is now so advanced that having things delivered to your door actually causes far less environmental impact than all of us driving around town, chasing down what we need.

Not sold? Consider this perspective...

 Delivery companies are carpooling yours and all your neighbor's groceries, clothing, household supplies, etc., with a single trip around the block.

US2U is a win for everyone.

So, from all of US on this planet 2U, Thank You.

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