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100% Grass Fed Bison should be a staple on your menu due to its cleanliness and nutritional density but a well balanced diet of healthy proteins is also crucial aspect to total vitality.

When we began raising bison back in 1994, we slowly began to develop a reputation for our nutrient dense, incredibly flavorful, tender, respectfully harvested bison meat. Soon customers were asking us, "We love what you do, what else can we buy from you?!" Thus began the expansion of our offerings.

All of our proteins are raised with incredibly high standards, exactly what you'd expect. We work closely with local farmers who are doing things the right way; Raising animals naturally with dignity and respect on the most nutritious of diets with full commitment to our mission of deeply nourishing land, animals and people as nature intended. Many, many hours of blood, sweat and tears go into raising these quality products and we're darn proud to put them in a box and send them to your home with a dose of love. We won't put our label on anything that doesn't stack up to our raising protocol. If it’s Northstar Quality, you can put your trust in it.

Another equally critical element to this diversity piece is that nothing in nature exists independently. Everything in existence relies on something else for sustenance and survival. As we continue diving deeper into this world of operating as nature truly intended, supporting the variety of nature’s abundance through diverse consumption makes perfect sense. In addition, you’re supporting many more farm families who are as passionate about good food, good land, and good people as we are.  

We're committed to a healthy whole and the healthiest whole is diverse.

Consider the “whole” and round out your next order with diversity.


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