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Nature Cooler

Nature Cooler  is  Different

Nature Cooler is unlike any other insulation. It is 100% soy-free, 100% corn-free, 100% gluten-free, 100% biodegradable!

Ingredients: Recycled Cotton Fiber

Nature Cooler is made from 100% post-industrial (NOT post-consumer) cotton fiber (unlike others made from corn cellulose) and is readily and 100% naturally biodegradable. The poly liner is biodegradable also or can be recycled. Join us in ditching styrofoam and all it's negative impacts in nature.

Why the upgrade fee?!

We are extremely proud of our revolutionary Nature Cooler insulation in our shipping boxes. Over the past year, we have been faced with some unique challenges that have caused us to make a hard decision...

Nature Cooler material costs have increased dramatically. When we set out on our quest 5 years ago to create something like Nature Cooler, our goal was to find something 100% biodegradable, natural, affordable, highly effective, reusable, and a very low-risk allergen material; A lofty goal but Nature Cooler is all of those things and then some. Though the quality of Nature Cooler will not change, the cost has changed a lot since we launched it. Many of you have been very vocal about your love for this option, and we love that!!!! Also, many have said our old styrofoam coolers were just fine because you repurposed them or have recycling options. So, rather than increase costs across the board, we've decided to let you choose your cooler. You know your situation better than anyone so we trust you will do the right thing. The $10 upgrade fee doesn't actually cover the entire cost differential but we still believe very strongly in the good our Nature Cooler option is doing so we've chosen to cost-share the difference.

Let's do good together.

If you have further questions or comments regarding this approach, please reach out!
By phone: 715.458.4300
By email: contact@northstarbison.com

Disposing of Nature Cooler

  1. Remove gray liner and recycle
    (liner is also biodegradable but takes twice as long as the cotton fiber to decompose completely so it's easier to separate it recycle it)
  2. Compost or put in trash
    (will decompose at landfill too)


Would you like to upgrade your shipping box to use our 100% biodegradable Nature Cooler for an extra $10.00?

Click here to learn more about Nature Cooler (or why we have to charge $10.00 for it now).