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Bison Skull

Bison skulls are massively impressive yet ornate in nature. Each one is extremely unique, telling a wild story likely a decade or more in length. Some carry more sleek, full length horns, reflecting the younger, more toned physique the bull likely sported while others blocky, deeply grooved and blunted, tell of heavy fought battles both won and lost. A bison skull embodies the raw, rugged fortitude of the American spirit, living life to the fullest. No regrets.

We select only the finest skulls for cleaning from what we harvest throughout the year (the remainder of the heads are sold to a taxidermist for shoulder mounts). These massive bulls are taken behind the ear to avoid face-plate breakage. These skulls are amazing and you won't find a more rare, unique, professionally finished product for your special place.

**Please note: We try to our best to stay ahead on orders and will contact you if there is a waiting period. Thanks for your patience!

  • Medium - 18 inch horn spread, 26-27 inches from horn tip to chin
  • Large - 20 inch horn spread, 28-29 inches from horn tip to chin
  • X Large - 22 inch horn spread, 30+ inches from horn tip to chin

***These measurements are approximate as some horns have a tighter curl and bigger circumference at the horn base and extra large head. You can request a photo of our options.


****Skulls do not come with mounting bracket. We recommend purchasing a Skull Hooker to display your skull. Shop Skull Hooker —>