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Rocky Mountain Elk Bratwurst

100% Rocky Mountain Elk, 100% delicious brats that will leave you feeling great because they are so low in fat and cholesterol. Prepare by grilling or pan frying first. Optionally you can simmer them in beer & onions or broth to keep them warm and juicy for hours. Or, drizzle olive oil and fresh rosemary on them and bake in the oven. Choose from Original or Jalapeno/Cheddar.

  • 16 oz packages (4 @ 4 oz links per lb)
  • Choose between Pork or Beef Casing

Elk Bratwurst, Original: Ingredients: Elk, Water, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Ground Sage, Mustard Seed, Onion Powder, Marjoram, Garlic Powder.  


Elk Bratwurst, Jalapeno Cheddar: Ingredients:  Elk, Elk Back Fat, Elk Suet, Pasteurized Processed Cheddar Cheese, (cultured skim milk, salt, enzymes), Water, Sea Salt, Jalapeno Pepper, Black Pepper, Ground Sage, Mustard Seed, Marjoram, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.


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