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Beef Pet Blend Raw

Our Raw Beef Pet Blend is 100% Grass-fed and is made up of a special blend of beef meat and various organ meats to replicate a balanced kill in the wild. This is one-of-a-kind, exceptional quality product that is pre-blended for easy feeding. They'll be at your feet the minute you open the refrigerator for it!

  • 1 lb
  • 5 lb 

Raw Beef Pet Blend Ingredients:

  • 89% Lean Beef Muscle Meat
  • 4.5% Beef Liver
  • 2.2% Beef Heart
  • 1.8% Beef Kidney
  • 2.2% Beef Spleen

**All ingredients are 100% Grass Fed, 100% Grass Finished, & Humanely Harvested... just as nature intended. 

Our Raw Pet Blends are Perfectly Rawsome Approved!

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