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Northstar Affiliate Application

Thank you for your interest in teaming up with our little company! Wedesire to partner with the ‘best fits’ thatdesire to deeply nourish land, animals, andultimately people as nature intended. We realize we can touch many more lives through a team of like-minded people than we can on our own. We appreciate all that you are doing! Our goal is a win, win relationship.

10k+ following
Sizeable influental network

Minimum 1 year expereience in current professional space

Be 100% mission aligned

Value is required
Thank you!

**Pleasenote; Applications are reviewed once per quarter. Approval or disapproval is at the sole discretion ofNorthstar Bison, LLC. Meeting all “requirements” does not guarantee approval. Furthermore, there are instances where approval is granted despite not all requirements being met. Misconduct will result in immediate removal from the program. Affiliates will be subject to potential removal from the program if commissions earned are less than $100 per month for 3 consecutive months. 

Commissions are 8% of order value less shipping & discounts, for the life of the customer. 


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