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Are You Certified Organic?

Answer: No. While we are not 100% certified by the USDA, we consider the quality and safety of our meat beyond organic. Beyond Organic to us means as nature intended... raised the way they were intended to be prior to human intervention. Native diet, movements mimicking nature's mini migrations, 100% chemical-free, low stress, humane harvest, no hormones or antibiotics, etc. The term "Certified Organic" alone can still mean it was finished in an unnatural setting on a heavy grain diet, it just means that the grain it ate was organically raised. 100% grass fed & finished on organically managed landscapes as nature intended is what you're really after.Additionally, one must consider the processing component after the animal was raised and harvested... we process as simply and minimally as possible with ZERO corn or soy based products, machine lubricants, or cleaning agents. THAT is beyond organic. To read more about the distinctions between grass fed and organic, read this article by Jo Robinson


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