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An EPIC Visit

(Anna is curious to know what type of foreign object is in Clint’s hand!)


Clint and Andrea from EPIC Provisions won a trip to visit an EPIC supplier… and they graciously chose us.


Our relationship with EPIC has been much more dynamic than a typical supplier/consumer relationship. While we supply EPIC Provisions with grass fed bison trim for their Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars, our visions and ideals run much deeper than that. EPIC has a vision to change the integrity of the food system, an honorable mission. To build in naked honesty and transparency and carry it through to the consumer, so you’re never, ever duped.


Click the link below to read the latest EPIC blog about Clint and Andrea’s visit to Northstar, a unique angle that would likely mirror your own if you were to come visit (which by the way, we encourage!). Kick your shoes off and plunk yourself into Clint’s.


Click To Read Clint's Blog --->   An EPIC visit to Northstar


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe

Will be buying more

I am so happy I found you guys. This was great!!!! I live in NY and it's not easy to find good bison. I will not buy from the supermarkets around here. The meat was tender, and beyond delicious. Will be ordering more when this supply runs out. Thank you!

- Winnie from Oceanside, NY



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