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Consumer Direct: What it means for You.

Consumer Direct: What it means for You.


Traditional sales channel structures of producer, middleman and storefront is dying...

Because there’s a better way. 


Sly, deceptive marketing has become good reason for consumers to lose trust in the “traditional” system. Purchasing direct carves out loose translations of the truth. Marketers are savvyand it is scary. In the food industry, we, as consumers, THINK we know what we are buying, but we have NO IDEA. Being an “insider” makes us want to crawl into a “hole in the woods” and never buy food again.

But instead, we use it to inspire us to tell the world (or at least the part of the world that is listening)!  


Another aspect that is a big win for consumers in the consumer direct model is the ability for producers to capture a larger portion of the sale while still providing the goods at a lower price point. Better quality + less markup = another big win for consumers. It’s really the only way for “better” to survive. If our products were distributed through mainstream markup channels, they would be outrageously expensive. It just plain costs more to produce things the way people dream about their food being produced.


While the first two are plenty of reason to buy directly from the producer, there is a third that is less noticeable yet potentially more valuable…

Producers rubbing shoulders with consumers allows for better and faster innovation toward what consumers are really searching for.


Consumers have the ability to vet and and subsequently support those whom they believe are producing good products, the right way.


Mom and Dad were well aware of these advantages when they founded Northstar back in 1994. They were well ahead of their time. Our daily conversations with all of you are refreshing, inspiring and challenging. We continue to better ourselves, our services and our products every single day.

Thank you so much.


Whether you purchase our products or not, we want to see informed consumers making educated decisions about what they put in their bodies. Consumer direct dialogue is the only way we can accomplish this. If you would, spread the word.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe



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