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Consuming or Creating

Creative living, is good living

I realize I will likely get some backlash for sending an off topic blog today so I will apologize in advance if you take offense, that is not my intent in the least. The reason I'm still sending this blog is I believe we are not only what we eat but also who we hang out with. So, let's hang out, share ideas, and see what we can learn from one another (I'd love to hear your thoughts/perspectives). Being well-nourished is about so much more than just healthy food. My short, "off topic" thoughts today surround a concept of consumptive living vs creative living....

When I say "consumptive living", I am not just referring to food. The consumptive lifestyle I'm referring to leaches into every area of life. One can binge on relationships, energy, physical assets, experiences, money, ideas, food, and more. No matter how much a consumptive person consumes, it's never enough. It's not that they don't actually get enough to satisfy, it's that there will never be enough to satisfy... it's a perspective, a choice, a heart condition.

A creator is not only easily satisfied, they are quick to find satisfaction and joy in how they can fulfill the needs and desires of others. They are outward focused from the overflow of their heart. They desire to help, serve, experience, love everyone and everything around them... it's a perspective, a choice, a heart condition.

We have a little saying in our house that says "Create, then consume." Consuming, in balance, is healthy and essential as it is a form of celebration. Creating before consuming also provides a valuable perspective by which to find a deeper level of satisfaction while in the act of consuming. Creation before consumption is a purposeful, productive, flourishing, satisfying existence.

It's only a perspective, a choice, a heart condition away.



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