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Highly Unsophisticated

This is Miller, my son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ve probably noticed we lack a little polish in some areas. Our website can be a little cluttered and clunky, many of our product pictures are lower quality or old and outdated, we’re not sleek and refined with fancy marketing tools and dashboards, we’re in transition out of the 90’s when it comes to utilizing our updated logo we made a couple of years ago and we can’t keep up with the rapidly shifting market fads. We’re busy servicing customers, tracking packages, packing orders, feeding animals, cutting meat, fixing fence, checking herds… and the day runs out before getting something super sexy whipped up for Instagram. And, therefore, at times left feeling we’ve failed to appear professional, to portray a sense of pride or value in what we offer to the world.  


What’s astounding to us, however, is the consistency and loyalty you all show our company given these apparent shortcomings. We aren’t the most sophisticated, yet, it doesn’t seem to matter.  


I think this is true about life. We feel we are a failure unless we “appear” we’ve got it all together. “May your life someday be as good as it appears to be on Facebook.”, one quote says. We, as humans, feel a pressure toperform by comparison while the world is actually just searching for something that isreal. Real is rarely perfect or polished or trendy or highly sophisticated. Real life gets a little cluttered and goes outside the lines sometimes. But if we can stay focused on whatreallymatters, everything else just seems to take care of itself. And if it didn’t, did it really matter anyway?


Maybe our unsophisticatedness is real.

And maybe we should actually be thankful for it.


Thanks for your patronage, weREALLYappreciate it!


Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe



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