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Is 100% Grass Fed Good Enoungh?


We mostly live in our own little world, on the ranch, working. And often thinking, probing deep, asking tough questions. It’s one of the reasons we always seem to be the “far out” ones. We’re not looking around for the latest trends, we’re looking down, at the ground.


Since our beginning back in 1994, we’ve always classified our ranching style asgrassfed. Then,100% grassfed because the term “grassfed” became abused. 100% grassfed was the best “category” by which to identify ourselves. It worked. Our identity continued to evolve within 100% grassfed because not all “100% grassfed” is equal and we were continuing to gain a greater understanding of how things worked and were so interrelated in the natural world. In the last few years, we’ve begun using the term “regenerative” because everything we were doing contributed toward a better, healthier outcome for the land, the animals and the people living there as well as those consuming the products.

And based on our practices, it still works.

But we’re rethinking our “camp”.


We’ve determined 100% grassfed, regenerative ranching is too restrictive. Too narrow. Too diluted. Too “cool”. The big guys have made their way in and are using smoke and mirrors to dupe the consumer using some of those same terms.


Plus, there’s a better way. Nature is more than just grass. And THAT is precisely our guiding light.


As Nature Intended.


Because nature knows best, we let nature be our scorecard.

If we’re regenerating land, the land will tell us.

If we’re raising the healthiest animals possible, the animals will be so.

If we’re producing the healthiest products, then our customers will be too.

If we’re regenerating land, raising the healthiest animals, and contributing to the wellness of our customers, it will all have been done

as nature intended.


Ultimately, this has always been the root of every decision, we’re just now discovering a new depth in ourselves, and it is good. Every decision that revolves around the land or the animals is determined by how nature would have functioned in that capacity without our involvement. Nature has a far more complex, far healthier system than anything man could ever conceivably create. All we’ve got to do is get out of it’s way and foster an environment for which it can thrive.


So, back to the question; Is 100% grassfed good enough?

Do we ever want to settle for “good enough”?


Cheers to a new era of understanding.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe



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