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It Ain't Legit

I'm writing with some pent up fury this week because I'm sick and tired of the deception.


Gonna keep this short and to the point...

If a product label says ANY of these terms exclusively, they're being slippery.

- Natural*
- Certified Organic
- Grass Fed
- Pastured
- Free Range
- Heritage Breed
- Cage Free
- Humanely Raised
- Non-GMO Verified
- Farm Raised*
- Vegetarian Fed
- Crate Free
- Hormone Free
- Antibiotic Free

What actually means something;

- 100% Grass Fed
- Regeneratively Raised

That's a short list.

Start looking around and see how many companies are marketing with these terms. There are very, very few.

I heard a profound quote recently... "Discernment is not the ability to know right from wrong, it's the ability to know right from almost right."
The first category, in exclusivity, is almost right.

Now, the first category is not bad (although "natural" means absolutely nothing in terms of how the animal was raised). The first list of terms used to describe a piece of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle, are wonderful attributes! In fact, we use many of those terms as facetsof how something is raised. But the absence of either of the bottom two terms should cause alarm. In partiality, the first list of terms are great; in totality, they fall WAY short.

Marketers only have so much of space or consumer attention span to work with so they will ALWAYS use their "biggest sword" first. Therefor, by default, if a product or company is not claiming 100% Grass Fed and/or Regenerative practices in their marketing, they ain't doing it! Because those two claims are at the top of the food chain in terms of claims and are the most difficult level to attain from an auditory, monetary, complexity, overall effort, and risk standpoint. It's "high stakes poker" for companies to commit their product lines to this standard due to the aforementioned costs associated with attaining the highest tier of the label claim food chain; the as-nature-intended model. It really needs to be a philosophical compass the company adheres to and, subsequently, it is a noble commitment.

Because the financial incentive is always there to cut corners, "the con will always be one step ahead of the law". If you see claims not listed here and have questions as to what they actually mean, please ask! We'd be happy to chat about them :)


Live well-educated this week,
 ​- Sean & the Herd @ Northstar



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