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It's Been a While!

Howdy! It's been a while! We wanted to share with you a little of what’s been going on around here…    


The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran a hit 4 part series called "The Future of Food" highlighting grass fed meats & sustainable production models.

We were honored to be in the spotlight for the second installment!

Click on the link below to check it out. It’s a good article that shoots straight.

“The Future of Food: Rise of Grass-fed Meat Forces Industry to Shift”

We’ve Been Growing!


In addition to our 100% grass-fed and finished bison, we now also harvest and process grass-fed beef, farm-raised Rocky Mountain elk, soy-free chicken, soy-free turkey, pastured pork, grass-fed rabbit, grass-fed lamb and grass-fed goat. Anything we put our label on must meet ourNorthstar standard ensuring they are raised and processed with the same substantial levels of care and respect as our bison. We’re constantly evaluating our external farmer and rancher relationships to ensure each of our goals and philosophies still align. We’re proud to be able to help support these local ag families who are doing things the right way but have a hard time finding consumers who value their efforts.

We’re now a one-stop-shop for a wide selection of Northstar-approved, deeply nourishing meats.

Our Steadfast Vision


Some things never change, like our vision. And the majestic bison. Over the course of time, the American Bison built our soils and shape our country’s landscapes. Over the past hundred years, modern agriculture has inadvertently degraded our most valuable resource:Soil. We are committed to regenerating our most valuable resource back to the healthy, vibrant, diverse ecosystem it once was - by raising bison as nature intended. Through the support of consumers like yourself and the efforts of our team in every corner of our company, our most core mission can be realized;

Deeply nourishing people, animals and creation.

Liquid Gold


A natural byproduct of our ranch is the most wholesome, respected, nourishing proteins on the planet. Our broth is as uniquely different as we are. We make it in small batches and cook it for 72 hrs with double the amount of bones and tendons. The result: a thick, concentrated gelatin broth chock full of nourishment.

 It’s liquid vitamins, perfect for cold and flu season!


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