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Picking Avocados  

Doing something a little different this week by sharing my mom's(Mary) avocado picking tricks! Yep, there's reliable science behind getting a good bang for your buck :)



Which would you expect to be the "meatiest"?





Were you right?

**Of course always only get organic avocados to avoid those nasty, environmental & human health-damaging pesticides and herbicides!





Generally, avocados will reflect the shape of their seed... so, surprisingly enough, more slender avocados will have a more slender shaped seed and will be "meatier" while a more spherical shaped avocado will have a more spherical seed with less flesh.

Some things in life aren't always as they seem from the outside.. avocados always remind me of that.





Try it & Live Well This Week!

​- Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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