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Safe Weed Killer    

Our cancer pandemic trend line coincidentally follows that of the introduction and subsequent rampant use of glyphosate.
Time for solutions.

If you're anything like us, the thought of glyphosate
(aka Round Up or any other chemical herbicide on the shelf) is utterly repulsive, but you also enjoy a neat home and outdoor living space. And you still can! We use a super simple recipe for keeping a weed-free homestead (and store front). A "weed" is considered any plant that is growing in a place that is not desired. Sooo... a weed could be a highly desirable plant growing in your front walkway! All plants have a purpose so it's not that the plant is bad, the placementis bad. Though ground cover by plants is good because it cools the soil and retains moisture better, small, "clean" spaces for us to enjoy are good too.

Get this... roughlyhalfof all annual herbicide use is in residential areas(to the tune of nearly 300 BILLIONgallons annually). That means, as responsible homeowners, it is well within our reach to significantly curb the use of these highly destructive chemicals with a simple choice. Often, we point our fingers at farmers. Well, that's only half of the story and we can look straight in the mirror for the other half.

If you're using a yard service, ask for salt & vinegar treatments ONLY.If you're doing it yourself, mix 1 gallon of organic white vinegar + 1 cup of salt + 1 tablespoon of dish soap. You may need to treat more often and use more per treatment but the ingredients are cheap and the benefits are significant.

Note; this mix is non-selective and will kill any plant it is applied to. The use of selective herbicides may have to die and us humans may have to be ok with a few random undesirable plants in our yards. No longer exposing ourselves to chemical soup is probably a good tradeoff though.





Cheers to Healthier Land, Healthier People, & Healthier Animals,
(including our pets!)

​- Mary & the Northstar Tribe


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