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The Harvest.


The single most skirted, challenging, uncomfortable, glossed-over topic in the world of food… but not here. First I want to be extra clear, we are not proud that we must harvest animals but that we’re proud of the way in which we do it. We believe that animals are here for sustenance as our bodies are wired to need clean, nutrient dense, meat protein. But with that understanding, we must treat animals with utmost respect. In its final moments, an animal’s life can be memorialized or demoralized. Respected or molested. Honored or disgraced. It is significant and there is no middle ground. Throughout the harvest, the value of an animal’s life weighs heavy on our shoulders. Many we have this tough conversation with say, “I could never do that… the stress and strain would be too much to bear.” That is good. We feel exactly the same. We are all called to different contributions in life. We feel our place is shouldering that burden because the only rightful one to do so is the one raising and caring for that animal. That level of care and respect we provide throughout an animal’s life carries itself all the way through the harvest moment, onto the skinning floor and into the cutting room where every single part of the animal is harvested, cared for, and fully utilized.

An Animal Welfare auditor once said after witnessing one of our field harvests, “I can’t imagine a more peaceful process.” That’s our standard. We’re not muddling around trying to harvest by the most humane methods within “the box”. We’ve broken the mold and are thinking way beyond any industry standard.


We were recently compelled to team up with a meat protein snack foods company called EPIC, whos heartbeat for animal welfare is in stride with ours, to produce a film about our harvest process. EPIC uses our bison trimmings for their ultra-popularBison Bacon Cranberry bars and were so struck by our field harvest, they encouraged us to produce a film. For those inclined, click the link below and take 7 minutes to further understand where your food comes from and the dignity that is preserved through our Zero-Stress Field Harvest. I would encourage you to not bury your head in the sand here. You don’t need to be an active participant in the process, but it is healthy to fully understand. Understanding brings awareness and also eliminates waste. Maybe even consider sharing this with someone you know to help them along their journey of understanding.


Field Harvest Film



Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe

Dear Sean,

Thank you so very much for your quick and informative answer. We so appreciate your business like attitude with the true facts. The humane method is the most important fact that so many of us need to know. We did not realize the nutritional facts and what a difference that information means.


The expense for your operation must be immense. The government regulations must be near impossible to keep up with. God bless you and the families involved with your endeavors. Thanks again and i will spread the word about all of your products.


Best Wishes,




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