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The Main Stream


We’re in the agriculture industry and darn proud to be. We subscribe to a number of publications from around the world because we care about what is going on out there. For the longest time, the “main stream” has been knocking anything to do with “non-progressive” agriculture. A few bombs have gone off here and there in the headlines like thisStar Tribune article last fall but not much credence has been given to the significant benefits of natural production or the extreme consequences of modern, factory-style production systems within mainstream agricultural communities… until now. The South Dakota Morning Ag Clips is about as entrenched as you can get into the commodity agriculture and their recent article about bee declination is astonishing. Nothing new to us but alarming to see in this forum. The facts can’t be denied forever. Being mindful of what we are purchasing as consumers is the only way to begin to curb the rampant practice of chemical farming.


When we, as society, started farming with chemicals, we couldn’t have known the ramifications. Now we do, and that puts a fork in the river. We must decide. Because the leeching consequences spread far and wide, far beyond even our current understanding.


Click here to read the South Dakota Morning Ag Clips Bee Article


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe



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