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Vegan? Kudos.


This week’s blog springs off last week’s... a Vegan billboard that struck me.

In the past, I likely would have been disgruntled because it’s advocating against my chosen lifestyle(Why are we so quick to react that way?), but now, I understand their position,and I respect it. The majority of meat production is a travesty, however, the tiny percentage producing food the way nature intended are truly the answer to a healthier planet and healthier people.

We actually have many former vegan customers. Their reasoning for going vegan initially is typically animal welfare. We respect that! However, over time, many experience varied health complications from a lack of dynamic nutrition for their bodies. They reasoned; “If I am going to re-engage in consuming meat protein, it’d better be raised and harvested with utmost respect.” Amen to that.

Vegans desire to combat mass-production factory farming and cruel treatment of animals. Kudos. And while we’re completely on board with that mission, choosing to be a part of the regenerative solution is even more powerful. Solely combating the negative is exhausting. Advocating the solution is also far more constructive than the issue is destructive. Animals areessential to the health of our ecosystems. Consuming them responsibly is critical to their well-being and ours.

Regardless, veganism is an intentional form of conscious consumerism.

And that, I value greatly.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe




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