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It All Costs the Same?


We hear the notion fairly often, “All food actually costs the same. As you grow older and begin experiencing diet-related health issues, you’ll pay all those grocery “savings” back in prescription drugs and medical bills. So, in the end, it all costs the same.”


I disagree.


Simple economics say; purchase something for X and sell it for Y, at a profit. The currency is typically money. The system works beautifully. Until we start tampering with limited resources. A company or individual may technically “own” rights to a resource. But who has the power to grant those rights? Do they really have the right to sell it? Consume it? Use it? Abuse it? Even destroy it? For profit? For one-time personal or corporate net-gain? A limited resource they had no part in creating in the first place? What ethics or moral codes are in place to discourage or police this type of activity?


Because it is physically impossible to regulate based upon law.


How can we possibly place a dollar value on clean water? Clean air? Fertile soil? A peaceful community? Healthy bodies? To actually put a dollar value on them would be demeaning, degrading, disastrous. So why don’t we treat them with reverence and respect?


One could argue a few are sustaining. We, at Northstar, tend to believe there are no such “neutrals” in life. We’re growing or we’re dying. Improving soil or raping it. Enriching a species or confining it. Purifying air or polluting it. Preserving water or toxifying it. Nourishing humans or poisoning them.


  Certain resources are indispensable, irreplaceable.

If we’re not regenerating, it’s likely unsustainable.


It doesn’t all cost the same.


There is a solution; To be educated and responsible with what you purchase.

A market is only viable with a consumer.


Given this thought, don’t beat yourself up next time you’re in the grocery store or shopping online. Make a decision to change the way you purchase 1 category and shop based upon that principle. It’s the “1% better every day” in action. Factory farms are gobbling up resources rapidly. Conventional row-cropping eats chemical sprays, fertilizers and fossil fuels for breakfast. You can make a difference purchasing organic grains. Or maybe you’ll decide to regenerate with your dairy or animal protein purchases.

Wherever you are and whatever you choose, make the choice to live well this week.
Sean & the Northstar Team 


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