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New year, New you.


So cliche, right?


Of course it’s a new year but what does a new you look like? New wardrobe? 20 pounds less? New car? Bigger house?  


Those are all good things in and of themselves but do they really mean a new you?


What value are our lives without a trail of legacy transcending our existence?


Maybe the new you identifies one person to uplift and inspire this month?

And someone else the following month? And the next?

The media drives home the message of ‘being all things to all people’. That’s impossible.

‘All things to all people’ leaves you scattered, drained, irrelevant and then discarded.


I believe our greatest human power this side of heaven is seeing ‘possibility’ inside of others, what they can’t see inside themselves.


‘If it matters to one...’ makes a difference.


This year is going to be pivotal for someone. That’s a new you.


Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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