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Does "Corn Fed" Meat Taste Better?

Answer: Corn fed bison certainly has a distinct flavor. Americans have, for the most part, grown up on corn fed meat as it made up the majority of what was available. Once people experience the clean, fresh flavor of grass fed and finished as nature intended, one quickly becomes spoiled and nothing less will do! Flavor comes from two places; age & fat. Grass fed animals are 6-12 months older than feedlot finished animals and, when grazed properly, have a little grass fed fat on them which puts the "frosting on the cake"! Grass fed bison should never be gamey or strong tasting(due to high stress upon harvest, poor living conditions causing poor animal health, or extreme age). It should taste clean, delicious, and slightly sweet. Dr. Marchelo from NDSU did a double blind taste test and the results confirmed that grass fed bison had a very distinct, desirable flavor.


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