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How Is Your Jerky Product Different Than The Common, Shelf Stable, "Jack Link's-Style Jerky In The Stores?

Answer: Our Bison, elk, and beef jerky products are produced without chemical preservatives. We use our own custom seasoning blend with some sea salt, that combined with the natural dehydration process does add shelf life to it but isn't truly "shelf stable" like the stuff you see hanging on a rack by the checkout at convenience stores. It is great to take on hiking, camping and any outdoors adventures or traveling where you don't have refrigeration. We keep it frozen in order to maintain it's longest life for you to enjoy a fresh, flavorful jerky that has it's full life out-of-the-refrigerator or freezer ahead of it for you! Why we do all of this is because the chemicals that make products shelf stable are harmful for your gut while readily decomposing foods (the ones that need refrigeration) are easy to digest and provide the highest nutrient absorption rate.


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