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How Long Are Your Steaks Aged?

Answer: Our Bison, Elk, & Beef steaks (Ribeye, New York Strip, Top Sirloin) are dry aged for 7 days and then wet aged for another 14 days. Wet aging the process of holding the meat in a oxygen devoid environment (vacuum sealed bag) and held at a strict cooler temperature to slow bacterial activity as the meat ages, creating a more flavorful, more consistently tender eating experience. Another reason we wet age the last 14 days vs dry aging is after 7 days the meat starts to really dry down and form a crust that, once finished aging, has to be trimmed off and thrown away. For financial, stewardship, and eating experiential reasons, we choose to wet age which, when done properly, creates a zero-waste aging process. We can be proud of that and you can enjoy the results. :)

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