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Is The Elk Tested For CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease)?

Answer: All elk we harvest that have lived in a region that has had a CWD positive is automatically lab-tested for CWD upon harvest and withheld from further processing until the lab results come back confirming that animal is CWD negative. Elk that lived outside of a CWD positive region are not tested unless they show signs of being suspect. We have a food safety inspector onsite 100% of the time so any elk that are noted as suspect(whether antemortem or post mortem)are retained and tested to confirm consumer safety prior to being released for processing. Here is a great article talking about CWD with photos to show what a CWD positive Elk can look like: http://cwd-info.org/cwd-overview/         
Also, check out this blog we wrote about CWD: Chronic Wasting Disease


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