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Italian Roast

Recipe Author:Mary Graese

 A Graese Family Favorite and a hit from our little Bison Wagon concession stand!!



Serving Size:8 oz

Prep Time:Less then 5 Mins

Cook Time:8-10 Hours



1 2-3 lb. Northstar Bison Roast- Sirloin Tip, Round, Chuck or English Arm. ( I prefer Chuck because it is so moist and tender but they all work well)

1 8 oz Bottle Italian Dressing (of your choice or you can make your own)

1 Package of Sandwich Rolls



Place frozen or thawed roast in crockpot or electric roaster.

Pour bottle of Italian dressing over roast.

Set temperature dial on low for the crock pot or 225 degrees for the electric roaster.

Roast overnight or 8-10 hours during the day until meat falls apart and shreds easily.

Shred roast and mix with juices and serve on your favorite bun or bread.

Closing Thoughts:

On garlic mashed potatoes is also delicious. Leftovers freeze well.