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Quick Tips for a Memorable Memorial Day Cookout

Without a question, every He-Man or She-Ra in America has their own secrets of the grill and rituals in preparing the perfect steak. Here, I am offering a few of my own quick tips to ensure that you deliver the best steak on the block to kick off this years Grilling Season.

The most important tip that I could possibly provide, is going to be SEASONING!

It is nothing short of an art form, properly seasoning a steak. Obviously, this is all very much dependent on the preferences of the person who is eating the meat, yet there is a beautiful balance that a grill master can achieve that tends to satisfy even the pickiest of the Carnivorous Connoisseurs.

To enhance the flavor of a beautiful steak nothing is ever truly needed outside of a pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper. When seasoning a steak you want to remember to coat the steak evenly and in dealing with Bison in particular, you want to season the steak just before it hits the grill. This will ensure to give you a much cleaner surface to scorch over an open flame. Bison characteristically has a natural sweetness to the meat, very lean and concentrated in flavor which handles a simple seasoning very well.

For a bit of the wow factor, I tend to marinate my steaks for up to 12 hours before cooking in a bit of Olive Oil, Garlic, Shallots, and Herbs. This simple rub perfumes the protein as well as works on breaking down, lightly aging and tenderizing the Steak. It’s a sure way to peak the interest of any guest as well as ensure your status as a grilling guru.

As you can see, very little effort is needed in producing a Great Steak, so long you start with a quality cut of meat.

Submitted by Chef Tony Chavez




Friends and Family

Many Steaks

1 or more Grills


  Steaks – Rub steak with a little cooking oil or thinly coat bottom of pan. Sear in hot pan briefly and then turn heat on low until med. rare. Grilling: Grill steaks 4-6 inches above medium hot coals

(325 deg.) for the following times, depending on thickness.

1”     Rare:6-8 min.     Medium 8-10 min.

1.5”   Rare: 8-10 min.   Medium 10-12 min. (our rib eyes, sirloin & new york steaks)

2”     Rare: 10-12 min.   Medium 14-18 min. (our tenderloins)



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