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Real Beer Brats

Recipe Author:Mary Graese & the Northstar Bison Wagon

Being Wisconsinites, we're pretty wild about brats! This is our favorite way to enjoy a brat. The best brats are made from leaner meats raised the way nature intended. Sometimes, those lean brats are hard to enjoy because they can dry out quickly. This recipe solves any issues with dryness and actually allows the brats to just keep getting better with time making this the perfect way to enjoy brats at a birthday party, tail gating party, summer cookout, or just about any other brat-centric festivity. Anyone can master this recipe, I promise.

First; thaw brats, slice an onion, pour a can of beer into a sauce pan or slow cooker, add equal parts water, and add sliced onion. Turn on slow cooker or sauce pan and bring beer & onions to a slow simmer.

Grill brats gently at about 300 degrees (and I like to use the top rack to keep them away from the flames) until the brats are browning nicely and the casing begins to crack. Pull brats off grill and put into simmering beer & onions. Cover and let slowly simmer for 20 minutes.

Now, you have two choices:

1) Eat.

2) Let stand on warm for as long as you need. The longer the better as the brats will simply continue to absorb flavor and tenderize.

This is the simplest, most delicious way to enjoy a lean bison, elk, or grass fed beef brat. Or any other wild game bratwurst for that matter. You can experiment with different flavors of beer to compliment different brats flavor profiles. It's fun.

**Note: Simmering the beer neutralizes the alcohol content so there is no risk to anyone of any age when using this recipe.


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