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Farmer's Footprint

Farmers are the leading occupation in suicides.
Farmer's Footprint is fighting to provide farmers a better way.


Losing the family farm isn't the same as getting fired, for many, it's the loss of your identity, your heritage, and letting down the generations that preceded you as well as the ones to follow. Basically, you are the weak link.

Times have changed and it is more difficult now than ever before to stay afloat in a family farm setting.We see the challenges our neighbor's face first hand and have particular heartfelt concern for them. We're cheering on Farmer's Footprint as their goals achieved through education not only significantly impact farm families directly but subsequently impact acres upon acres of soil that is the secret to a healthy food system and a healthy planet.

We all win with regenerative.

To learn more, visitwww.farmersfootprint.us

Go Farmers, Go Planet Earth.


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