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Why Bison?

 Bison, Raised As Nature Intended, is themost nutritionally dense protein on the planet.


By the numbers: Bisonvs Grass Fed Beef 

  • - 10% higher in Protein
    - 11% higher in Magnesium
    - 14% higher in Potassium
  • - 28% higher in Choline
  • - 40% higher in Iron & Selenium
  • - 60% higher in Riboflavin (B2) & Betaine
  • - 200% higher in Folate
  • -225% higher in Copper
  • - 300% higher in Thiamine


Ounce for ounce, Bison is the most nourishing protein on the planet.Nutritional density increases as an animal ages and bison are very slow growers. Bison can live 3x longer than any other big game animal in North America. Bison are harvested between 24 & 36 months of age, beef at 12-16 months, pork at 5-7 months, chickens at 2-3 months. Flavor profile also intensifies as an animal ages meaning more natural flavor and less seasoning.

Bison are the most Regenerative.

The Bisons' natural grazing instincts mimic the most innovative modern grazing techniques. Their nomadic, herding patterns keep them moving onto fresh forage while leaving a wake of well-trampled, well-fertilized land to rest and regenerate but also build new top soil creating increased fertility and drought tolerance. Their sharp hooves splay out as they walk, cutting vegitation and aerorating soil creating the most ideal conditions for bug life which are the foundation of healthy soil.

*Note: Historical records show amassive decline in soil health and productivity since the bison herds were removed from great plains ecosystems.

"So why do you offer grass fed beef?”

Regeneratively raised beef are good in terms of nutritional value and land regeneration. Bison are great. Our ultimate goal is healthy land, healthy animals, and most importantly, healthy people. Some folks are more familiar with eating 100% Grass Fed Beef or are just transitioning to eating healthier. That's good! Beef is a good segue into the world of regeneratively raised protein. For those slightly more adventurous or looking for optimal nutrition, bison is the clear winner.

“What about the elk, turkey, rabbit, Chicken, Pork, etc.?”

Nature is extremely diverse, and for a reason.
Bison are the cornerstone of a healthy ecosystem but other species also play vital supportive roles.

Elk will blend with bison but prefer slightly different habitat, favoring slightly different food sources such as browse and forbes. Elk meat is second to bison in nutritional value but has some unique characteristics that bison does not.

  • Chickens and turkeys are scratchers, coming in behind the bison picking and scratching through dirt patches, manure patties, and short or matted down grass. These scratchers play an extremely valuable role in helping decompose manure quickly and suppressing unwanted parasites. Poultry nutritional values are unique as well.

Pigs are rooters. They spend most of their time rooting for bugs, insects, tubers while grazing and slowly migrating. They have a very diverse diet, “mulching” the earth, “planting” a lot of acorns, while maintaining a more open understory for new vegetation to thrive.

  • Rabbits are foragers and repopulate, well, “like a rabbit”. They are mainly food for predators. Predators are vital to help keep herds from getting complacent and taking out the sick or mortally wounded to keep the rest of the herd healthy. Rabbit is one of the most underrated proteins! It is a lean, tender, nutritious herbivore... sounds like an ideal dinner.

Goats and sheep are the clean up kings. Goats more than sheep prefer all the plants everything else doesn't making them very complimentary on the landscape. Sheep and goats are curious and agile so they find themselves in all the nooks and crannys feeding on plants other animals can't reach.

  • Fish also play critical roles in diversity as well. Many are aware that salmon have highly desireable nutritional qualities but salmon play a vital role in inland ecosystems as well. Feeding wildlife and fertilizing stream banks with their post-spawn carcasses are something that happens naturally year in and year out.

Nature is incredible.
We are grateful to be it's student.


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