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Can 100% Grass Fed meat be contaminated with grain byproducts?

Do you or know someone you know struggle with corn allergies, soy intolerance, or gluten sensitivities? You've come to the right place. We get you. And we can help explain some of the dark side of meat processing that is likely giving your tummy fits. You can eat red meat, you just need to know your source.

If you're gluten intolerant, it's frustratingly difficult finding foods that agree with you. But if you struggle with corn allergies, we recognize your challenge is gluten intolerance X10. It is unbelievably difficult to find foods that aren't contaminated with corn in one form or another. The meat world is especially difficult, if not even more so. Simply put, if it's not fed corn while its alive, it's likely sprayed with corn after it's butchered. Just prior to being rolled into the cooler to chill, the whole carcass goes through a proverbial "car wash" and is typically sprayed with corn-based carcass wash (**a risk of glyphosate contamination as well) to kill bacteria on the exterior of the carcass. It's a practice similar to spraying a field to kill a handful of pest insects meanwhile killing the 1700 ish beneficial insects.

So, it is entirely possible to have a grain allergy reaction from 100% Grass Fed & Finished meat.

In addition, the carcass acid wash is naturally more concentrated in ground meats.

Here is a link to a typical carcass wash: https://www.spartanchemical.com/products/product/313305/#top

If you've got sensitivities to grain-based products, you've come to the right place.

All of our carcasses, except for the beef, are all water rinsed.

**Beef is required by inspection to have an acidic wash. We use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Give us a call at 715-458-4300 or email us at contact@northstarbison.com if you have any further questions about our procedures, the specific products we offer, or how our meats would apply to your specific needs. We are here to help you stay healthy!


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