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Pet Food: As Nature Intended

Pet foods are like hot dogs. They’re so scary, you almost don’t even want to know.

Well, we’re focused on integrity and transparency in producing the most wholesome products available, no matter the cost of doing it right. We are proud to say we make the cleanest, most nutritious pet products on the market today. Unlike most pet chews, ours are not shelf stable, which is a good thing! Acid treatments and chemical preservatives are liberally applied to almost all other pet chews so they can sit on the store shelf until purchased. Ours stay in the freezer. All of our pet foods are made in very small batches which ensures the highest level of quality control and ultimately the most natural, most nutrient-dense treats, bites, chews, and foods that money can buy.

Northstar pet products will keep your companion vibrant, healthy, & loving life.


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