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Wild Alaskan Salmon

Salmon is an incredible asset to our health as well as the natural world. It is a prolific fish that feeds many, including humans. It's powerful source of protein & omega 3 (the good fat). We've been on the hunt for a "Northstar Quality" fish supplier for 5 or 6 years now and finally found the one... Kwee-Jack Fish Co. Kwee-Jack (Kvee-Shock, named after the Alaskan river; Kvichak) is a highly respectable company made up of a few friends from Wisconsin, Montana, & Pennsylvania that go to Alaska to fish for a hobby 6 weeks out of the year. They're our kind of people, we're proud to support them, and extremely proud to put our label on this quality of wild Alaskan fish.

Responsible fishing

Salmon are a remarkable species and not many events in nature rival the epic spring salmon run by which salmon return to their birthplace to sacrifice themselves to spawn the next generation. En route, billions of mammals, birds, and insects feast upon live and dead salmon who's carcasses and remains fertilize the river banks to ensure a healthy environment for future salmon.

That said, salmon, as a whole, are at risk. Warming ocean temps due to climate change are shrinking the habitable space for salmon to thrive. One wouldn't naturally connect bison on the prairie to salmon in the ocean but they're absolutely codependent... The ocean's #1 threat is atmospheric carbon. The #1 way to reduce atmospheric carbon is through prairie grasslands which is one of the most endangered habitat types on planet earth. The best way to support salmon habitat is to support bison & prairie restoration. Pretty amazing.

Beyond ocean health, and more specifically about salmon, Alaska wildlife managers have placed very narrow and strict regulations on salmon fishing. The salmon fishing season is only 6 weeks long and begins only after a certain number of salmon have run upstream to successfully spawn future generations.

Like all species, salmon deserve so much care and respect. By enlarge, today, almost all commercially-caught wild salmon are acquired using huge nets reeled with a winch from the depths by a monstrous fishing vessel. Those huge boats casting huge nets catch and kill a lot of non-target fish species. In addition, there's often so much weight in the net that the bottom fish are bruised and crushed, wasting or creating poor quality fish.

One significant reason we're so proud to be partnered with the fellas at Kwee-Jack is they fish from very small boats with small nets to not only fish responsibly but also preserve the quality of salmon nature intends to provide. Once caught, the fish are taken to the nearby processing boat where they're put on ice, filleted, packaged, and frozen within 12 hours of the catch. That time sensitivity upon the catch captures the best flavor and freshness one could ask for.

Alaska is an incredible place. Let's be responsible about what we consume to preserve it's bounties for generations to come.

Northstar Salmon is always:

  • 100% Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
  • Sushi Grade
  • Humanely Harvested
  • Responsibly Fished
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Immediately chilled, then filleted, packaged, & frozen within 12 hours.
  • Preservative Free
  • 100% Soy-Free
  • 100% Corn-Free
  • 100% Gluten-Free

Graveyard Point, Bristol Bay, AK where our salmon is fished.

The future of salmon is uncertain but the tale of how they've arrived where they are isn't as linear and simplistic as appears on the surface level. If you're interested in diving deeper into the world of salmon and the challenges they face, we'd encourage you to pick up a copy of Mark Kurlansky's excellent new book: Salmon

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