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Low Histamine Bundle

Our Low Histamine Bundle is designed with the most histamine sensitive in mind. Our Bison is the most "Low Histamine Approved" protein due to it being Zero-Stress Field Harvested as well as 100% grass fed & finished. 

Our Low Histamine Variety Bundle is an ideal subscription while giving you the flexibility too enjoy low histamine meats with an array of different animals! Handpicked with care, this bundle combines an assortment of exquisite proteins, including succulent chicken, lean elk, hearty bison, premium beef, tender pork, and rich salmon. What sets this collection apart is its dedication to those with histamine sensitivities, offering a selection of meats known for their low histamine content. Now, you can savor the flavors you love without the worry, and experience a world of gourmet options that cater to your dietary needs.

Our Low Histamine Bundle is an excellent subscription option where you'll save an additional 5%.

Low Histamine Bundle Includes:

  • 7 @ 8 oz Bison Round Medallions
  • 4 @ 5 oz Bison Non-Aged New York Strip Steaks
  • 2 @ 2 lb Bison Sirloin Tip Roast
  • 3 @ 7 oz Bison Non-Aged Ribeye Steaks
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Low Histamine Variety Bundle Includes:

  • 2 @ 2 lb Chicken Drumsticks
  • 2 @ 7 oz Salmon Portion
  • 1 @ 1 lb Bison Ground Coarse  
  • 2 @ 8 oz Bison Round Medallions
  • 2 @ 8 oz Bison Non-Aged Ribeye Steaks
  • 2 @ 7 oz Pork Chop Center Cut, Boneless, Corn & Soy Free
  • 2 @ 3 oz Elk Filet Mignon
  • 2 @ 8 oz Bison Non-Aged Top Sirloin Steaks

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