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Chicken Champ Pet Bundle

Our Chicken Champ Bundle will help bring out the very best every day in your pet and support a long, happy life! Bundle and save on our deeply nourishing pet blends. 

Our raw pet blends are formulated to provide the ultimate blend of muscle meat, organs, glands, and bones.

- 100% Raw
- 100% Regeneratively Raised, Soy & Corn-Free, Pastured Chicken
- 100% Human Grade
- Humanely Harvested
- Click here to view our general Raw Feeding Guide.
- Every pet is unique so always consult a veterinarian prior to feeding.
- We highly recommend feeding 1 tbsp of our Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate per day as well. (aids in gut health)
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Raw Chicken Pet Blend Ingredients:

  • 90% meaty carcass, necks, wings, & muscle meat
  • 7% gizzard
  • 2% liver
  • 1% heart

Turkey Champ Bundle Includes:


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