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Bison Broth Tallow


Science is showing that animal fats raised as nature intended are the healthiest and most readily usable form of energy your body could receive. For cooking, what could possibly be better than rendered fat? Well... It's our brand new, nutrient-rich, Bison Bone Broth Tallow!! This rendered fat is literally the fat we harvest off the top of the bone broth kettle when we make a batch of our "liquid gold concentrate" that simmers for 72 hrs. Everyone knows bone broth is amazing so what could possibly be better than cooking with bone broth tallow?! It is so smooth, creamy, beautiful, savory, and best of all deeply nourishing! This is a beautiful, nourishing fat to use in cooking literally anything. Elevate the nutritional value of your meals with our brand new nutrient-concentrated Bone Broth Tallow! 

Try the Liver-Infused Broth Tallow for added nutrient density!!

  • Comes in Pint jar
  • Add to any meal for juice, flavor, energy, & nutrition
  • Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water, Bison Bones & Tendons, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (tallow naturally separates from broth and is then harvested, jarred, and cooled)

***Not ideal for making soap.  Best used for cooking.


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