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Dr. Zach

Have you heard of Dr. Zach Bush yet?


If you have not had the privilege of hearing Dr. Zach Bush yet, I implore you to find a device (perhaps the one you’re on) and track him down. In fact, I’ll make it easy and drop some links here…


Chalene Johnson Podcast:Part 1 | Dr. Zach Bush on Metabolism, Chronic Health Issues, and Gut Health


Rich Roll Podcast: Dr. Zach Bush - GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health


Redefining Medicine Podcast:Dr. Zach: The Power of Food & Nutrition to Transform Health


Neurohacker Collective:Dr. Zach Bush - Gut Health and the Microbiome


20 minute Farmer’s Footprint Film



Dr. Zach Bush is a triple board certified physician(a depth in the medical field that very, very few ever go to) with an absolutely brilliant mind and an incredibly restless, compassionate heart that has done likely the most extensive amount of research into the root cause of cancer and how the changes to our environment over the past 30 years is the causation of many, if not most, of the health challenges we face today(gut health issues, dementia, Alzhymers, autoimmune diseases such as autism, etc., in addition to cancers) are due to the inadvertent infusion of the chemical glyphosate(RoundUp) into our water and food systems. The bleakness of the modern health crisis trajectory we’re on today is beautifully contrasted by the hope that Dr. Zach shares in the ability for regenerative agriculture to not only heal but to far surpass our expectations of human health and vitality on Earth.


Do yourself a favor and carve out an hour this week to listen to at least one of these conversations. Your mind will be blown as the stars begin to align and your heart will swell with hope and great anticipation for the opportunities that lie before us. I promise.


Now, promise yourself to listen.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe  


P.S. Farmer’s Footprint is an organization that Dr. Zach founded in February to essentially put himself out of business. Farmer’s Footprint is a non profit organization that is designed to provide a communal and/or financial bridge to help farmers convert their operations to Regenerative. Farmers have become the #1 suicide-prone profession. Why? Because the pride they take in what they do surpasses most people’s ability to comprehend and the subsequent weight of failure drives them to despair.


What can we as consumers do?


#1 Get to know your farmer and buy their products.  

#2 Be an advocate for truth. Have real conversations with people because it affects them too.



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